High-Wall-Mining and “Surface to In-Seam” Cutting & Flow Extracting Technique Improvements

Oct - 24

High-Wall-Mining and “Surface to In-Seam” Cutting & Flow Extracting Technique Improvements

Continuous Product Improvements for High-Wall-Miners [HWM] [SHM] [HW300].

Present State of the Art Components & Systems Video; CSE-SIS-M-HW366-2018

  1. Including Screwconveyor DEM Simulations and Data Analyses Conclusion Report & Recommendation Solutions,
    • for “Steep & Deep” Directional Mining roadmap to 500m Vertical Radius of Curvature Penetration @ 15 – 25 degree surface entry inclination,
    • to be developed Hybrid quick-connect per section of Push-Beams to eliminate the Hose & Cable Chain Reel System, to build fixed annuity life-line energy losses (during into seam penetration) instead of having continuous >300m life-line energy losses (storage hose & cable reel),
    • contribution to additional “Surface to In-Seam” [SIS] Mining Techniques following (pay-zone) Seam between medium/hard rock Strata or through medium/hard rock Strata looking for Seam layer (pay-zone,
  2. Hose-Chain Reel Type 8 (HR-T5) p/n 240-60008 Design Review 4.2 (DR4.2),
  3. Power-Head Type 5 (PH-T5) p/n 313-60005 Design Review 6.2 (DR6.2),
  4. Push-Beam Type 6 (PB-T6) p/n 320-60006 Design Review 6.1 (DR6.1),
  5. Thin-Seam Under-Cutting-Head Type 8 (TSM-UCH-T8) [former known as “Short-Low-Profile-Cutterhead-Module”] p/n 330-60008 Design Review 6.1 (DR6.1).

Preview Media;

Diectional Mining
Undercutting attacks tensile strength of hard rock & coal, and Gathering Extraction System gives the right-central-flow | low-mined-material-spillage | stronger-foot- & roof-pillar-arch-shapes | enforcing-strength (cutting power) only-15% of UCS | results more TPH.

Screw_Conveying (Auger)

SHM & HW300 High-Wall-Miners @ Contour & Mountaintop Mining

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